Progress Ski Fit

Make the most of the slopes - book yourself in for a Ski Fit assessment with a Chartered Physiotherapist at Progress.

Progress offer a one to one Ski Fit assessment which can be modified to suit individual needs, whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced skier.

Would you like your long awaited trip to the slopes to run as smoothly as possible and achieve maximum enjoyment from your ski experience?

Would you like help to increase your fitness level and reduce the risk of a skiing injury?

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Are you Ski Fit?
You need to make sure you get the most out of your winter holiday. That means preparing for your trip in advance and making sure you and your party are in good condition and are physically prepared for hitting the slopes.

Starting a tailored fitness programme at least eight weeks before your holiday may help to increase your fitness level so that you can enjoy the snow and fresh air to the maximum. It can also help you avoid injury and expensive medical costs.

At Progress we believe that preventing an injury is better than trying to fix one which is why we've put together our Ski Fit programme.

Our Ski Fit session costs just £150 and includes:

  • An assessment of your current level of fitness
  • Discussion of any injuries you may already have or may have previously suffered from
  • A biomechanical assessment of your spine, legs and feet
  • A bespoke exercise programme
  • Expert advice and information

Prepare properly and enjoy every minute of your time on the slopes - get Ski Fit.
Call us on 01223 200580 and speak to one of our Physiotherapy team.