Cristopher Kellett

Cristopher Kellett - Physiotherapy Manager

Cris graduated with a 1st-class honours degree in Physiotherapy from Brunel University in 2001; his research on breathing techniques in the management of asthma was published in 2002. He then completed a Master of Science degree at University College London, where his research focussed on the reflex control of shoulder girdle muscles. He was an honorary lecturer at the UCL MSc School of Human Health and Performance, and has also lectured at Imperial College, Barts and the London School of Medicine, and the British Olympic Medical Centre. He initially worked in the NHS, eventually becoming an advanced level practitioner in spinal and general orthopaedics. For the major part of his career Cris has worked in elite and professional sport, including Premiership rugby, judo, athletics, rowing, and wheelchair rugby.

Cris is particularly interested in movement dysfunction, and how this contributes to injury. Taking a ‘Root Cause Analysis’ approach to solving recurrent injuries, and then designing rehabilitation programmes to address the identified deficits is his passion. Clinically, Cris uses a broad range of therapeutic interventions but rehabilitation and patient education remain the foundations of his practice. He firmly believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, and always encourages collaboration with other providers, e.g., surgeons or personal trainers, to optimise outcomes. Recently Cris has developed a significant interest in applying the best of practice from elite sport to the management domain, optimising Executive Performance through improvements in movement, sleep, diet, and environment.

Cris is the physiotherapy manager at Progress and a member of the senior management team at Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital with specific responsibility for team development. He has a personal interest in Golf performance, although this isn’t necessarily reflected in his own handicap!